Flower For Everyone

I finally broke down and started an account with SmugMug.com to host and sell my photos. Right now the First Edition of Nicco’s Flower Photos are available for purchase online.

I’m looking for feedback on both the interface and the end product. I’ve been playing with the printing of these photos for some time. I recently printed several of them at 20 by 30 through ShutterFly.com and I was pretty happy with the results. For now, the SmugMug store isn’t letting me designate 20 by 30 as a size you can order. I’ve emailed tech support and hopefully that size will be available soon.

If anyone orders some of the other items — like the coasters or the tile — let me know how the stuff looks. I’m hoping to get the store in good shape in time for the holiday season, and then maybe launch a little e-commerce campaign.

One other note: I need some help with the naming of the things. I’m so struck by their visual intensity, captioning or naming them seems pointless. At the same time, it helps to name them for cataloging and organizing. So I named a few — based on where I took the photo — but it somehow falls flat. Your comments appreciated.

Even though these prints are for sale on my website, I’ve licensed them under the Creative Commons. This means you can use these photos for any non-commercial purpose provided that (a) you attribute them to me and (b) you license any work derived from these photos under a similar Creative Commons license.

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  1. peter Says:

    Name them, as simply as possible, for what the are. There is nothing wrong with, “Peony #1 Colchester,” etc.

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