Who won?

In general, I try to keep work at a distance on this blog, but politics is a passion (along with donuts, poetry, and jazz) so how can I resist a note or two about last night’s debate? Having slept of the wearying slag of political rhetoric, the early morning light suggests a certain clarity. So let’s cut to the chase, treating this like the horserace it is: Who won the debate? Although some of you out there might not find my reporting that non-partisan, viewing this debate with the most objective eyes I can muster, divorcing myself from all of my partisan leanings, it looks like Kerry won. I suppose the media will gleeful confirm or deny this in short order.

I may have been somewhat influenced by my Wednesday night activities, which included a special screening of “Going Up River“. To any mind of a critical bent, it might seem like propaganda… But truth be told it grew on me until I couldn’t shake some of those somber clips of a young, war-wounded Kerry.

So, onward! How many days are left? We will see this through, soon enough.

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  1. anne Says:

    It didn’t occur to me to think about who was winning the debate – the win or lose in my mind was my own loss should Bush win.

    And honestly, I don’t know whether ‘win or lose’ is a reasonable question for a debate. It’s more like an event in the decathlon, and some competitors will be stronger in one event and gain ground, and others will lose. Many different skills in the events of the decathlon, but all add up to one final time.

    But I did get the sense as the debate went on that Kerry had gained much more ground than Bush did.

    Other events of the election decathlon? The marathon money count, the fear inspiration, the sanctification of sacrifice, the baton-pass of nastiness, the shot-put of slogans, the cohering of policy, the high jump of reason….

  2. jesse Says:

    Ah, to watch the debates.

    Only during the second debate will I not be scribbling my way through a midterm. Strictly in pen, of course. Must have some fun.

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