Caretaker Magazine Strikes Again

This just showed up in my inbox from The Caretaker Gazette:

PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED BUTLER needed immediately for a Hollywood superstar. Must be a multi-tasker, great cook, able to travel extensively, very fit, excellent driver and available to work late night hours and possibly 24/7. Very exciting and rewarding opportunity for the right individual. Very discreet and confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Please respond ASAP to (207) 698-4610 or Resume, professional resumes and background check an absolute must.

Hollywood superstar. Hmmm. Wide variety of options available there. Not sure I’d want to apply unless I knew what star I was working with…

Update : my brother just sent the following email to the above address:

My life has prepared me in detail for the position listed. As the son of a diplomat, travel became my norm. I am fluent in the ways of travel, and have a spotless drivers license. My current job is as an office manager for an architect in New York City, which has guided me well in my quest towards perfect multi-tasking. My previous employment as a Mexican cook, as well as in a home for retired persons, has given me a wide knowledge of various cuisines. I am alert at all hours of the day or night, and would be willing to work 24/7 for the right price.

2 Responses to “Caretaker Magazine Strikes Again”

  1. Mary Helene Says:

    OH, this is wonderful. I laughed so hard…

  2. anne Says:

    I can understand your reticence in applying for this job, Nicco, especially since you are ~already~ butler to the political superstars. Echoditto is a virtual butler of political campaigns…. “What do you require? Yes, let me think a minute — yes, we’ll see what we can do.”

    More power to you, my role model and friend!

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