Roma, Roma

WiFi is trickier to find in Rome than I expected. If anyone knows of any open nodes, let me know. Right now most of them appear to be at the big chain hotels — and limited to guests. In any case, I’m not posting as much as I’d like, and photos will have to wait until I can find somewhere real to get online.

Last night I had a long leisurely dinner with my friends Matt and Lydia — and their ten-month old son (10 months today on the dot!) Henry. Lots of fun. My brother had me carry a can of Chef Boyardee’s Spagehettios across the Atlantic. He was concerned that Henry wasn’t going to get the most ubiquitous pasta of American childhoods in Italy.

Matt and Lydia live in Trastevere, a wonderful old neighborhood of Rome. They’ve got an incredible apartment, complete with roof-top terrace. And the food! The olive oil! The wine! Stunning. Of course, even though I brought my camera I neglected to take a single photo, I was enjoying myself so much.

Today I’m at the World Food Programme, looking into some work stuff. Maybe they’ll have WiFi… looks like not so much. oh well.

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