Mandorla – Almond

Another installment of the Gelato Advenutures. Last time we enjoyed our pinolata gelato, but found it leaving it something more to be desired. This time, in a gelato cafe near the Pantheon, we had a much more satisfying experience.

After a careful survey of all available flavors, it came down to a choice between tiramasu and almond. In the end, the pleasing presentation of the almond flavor triumphed, and I eagerly awaited the scoops that were to follow.

I was not disappointed. The almond gelato — mandorla gelato — was intensely flavorful and was like a creamy marzipan to be enjoyed. The serving size was just right — large enough to give the tastebuds thoughtful appreciation, but small enough to leave you desiring more.

I suppose it’s possible that I prefer almond flavor over pinenuts, but I’m not sure that’s the case. It’s also possible that pinenuts just have less flavor than almonds, but even so the pinenut gelato disappointed in terms of its texture, color, and overall performance. My only criticism of the almond gelato was that it was just a bit too creamy — on the verge of becoming butter.

The big question is: what flavor gelato will I sample tonight? I still haven’t found basil. Basil is my favorite flavor of ice cream, and I suppose I got my hopes up — I think we just haven’t found a gelato cafe with as wide of a selection as I really need to complete my research.

2 Responses to “Mandorla – Almond”

  1. Aunt Linda Says:

    Sometimes, the smaller places carry unusual flavors. I remember tasting celery gelato at an out of the way spot! Keep up the search by eating gelato everyday!

  2. Uncle Karl Says:

    My favorite flavor has always been tree sap and elk.

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