Early to bed, early to rise

It all started two weeks ago, when I was crashing at Massey’s. He got me to return to the WOW — Work Out Wednesday. Last time I went was in 2000. So, a couple of Wednesdays working out with Chuck — although I never did see Ron.

Then I started crashing on Harish’s sofa. (and yes, I am looking for an apartment… any ideas? as close to 3330 Washington Blvd as possible, pls.) Well, Harish got it into his head that we needed to go to Boot Camp three mornings a week, and slowly work up to five mornings a week. So last week we did three, but man it was rough. And today, well — that’s what this story is about.

First of all, Boot Camp is at 5:55 am. As an email from the instructor attests, it is not at 5:56 or 5:57. No, it’s at 5:55. for exactly one hour.

And it’s outside.

did I mention it’s outside?

And outside at 5:55 in the morning in December — well, let’s just say it’s a bit chilly.

But this morning, damn. I mean, did I mention it was outside? Push-ups, sit-ups, sprints, lunges, jumping jacks, all manner of random boot-campy exercises… and all of them in the freezing cold. This morning it was something like 10 degrees F outside. 10!! And then there’s the windchill.

Did I mention that boot camp is outside?

This morning, my waterbottle FROZE while we were working out, so that I was unable to drink from it during our single break.

This morning, the wind was howling so loudly I couldn’t hear the instructor shouting “ONE…TWO…THREE…”

This morning, I lost feeling in all of my extremities… including my backside, which was so numb as to be completely non-existent.

This morning, my skin was so cold that the hot shower was painful… I had to ease my way in to a warm-ish shower so as to survive.

Did I mention that Boot Camp is outside?

Who’s up for joining me tomorrow?

4 Responses to “Early to bed, early to rise”

  1. Karl Frisch Says:

    Where is said bootcamp and how much does it cost?


  2. Nick Says:

    When I was in high school, a classmate who later went to West Point once said to me, “Pain is good.” That remark has haunted me ever since–I don’t think pain is good. Discomfort, however, and even pain encountered on the way to something good, is bearable. Says I as I shoulder my kayak in the rain to paddle for an hour or so this morning.

  3. Notbernie Says:

    It was very cold and very silly to get up and go outside this morning. I am sorry that I had not checked your blog before you went off to Rome. I have a list of “must eat at” restuarants that you would have loved. After looking at your pictures I did not see any of Moses. Might be the best statue ever. Of course the David fans will argue against that. I think you should go to Iran and soon. I can help you out, but I do not want flowers. Are you still doing sculptures??

    Kevin ;-{)

  4. HRR Says:

    said bootcamp is in Arlington. It costs $6 or so per session. It’s actually fun when it isn’t ass cold outside. Check out http://www.customfitnessconcepts.com.

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