Summer plans?

I’m back to posting after a lengthy holiday haitus. One thing I’ve got to do, though, is install MT blacklist to take care of all this pesky comment spam. Kottke says Meena & Ben have posted a guidline on how to deal with it, but I haven’t read it yet — in the mean time, this just showed up in my inbox from The Caretaker Gazette:

SUMMER PROPERTY MANAGER(S) needed on a Caribbean Island. Small Guesthouse and Boat Rental Business. One person or a couple. May through October, 2005. English speaking. Fluency in Spanish a plus. Pay and benefits. Free room in a waterfront guest house – $500/month pay plus 10% on-site sales commission (approx $50-$100/month). Live on a small Caribbean island: scuba, snorkeling, fishing, swimming, beaches, hiking, exploring, and socializing. Free use of pickup truck, kayak, computer, printer, fax, copier, and telephone. 75% discount on motorboat and Sunfish sailboat rentals. The manager’s quarters (the Pequeño unit) has a queen bed, kitchenette, A/C, satellite TV, telephone, and private bathroom. See and for information about the businesses and about Culebra Island. Job requirements/manager qualifications. Casa Ensenada (two guest rooms; the Grande and Estudio units). Customer contact and guest room maintenance. Proficiency in guest house work (picking up, greeting, and being helpful with renters; cleaning and making up rooms, laundry, maintenance of building and grounds). Culebra Boat Rental (four motorboats and one Sunfish sailboat). Customer contact, checking boats out and in, chase boat. Proficiency in operating and maintaining small (15-20 ft) boats and outboard engine maintenance and basic repairs. On-site inquiries and sales. (The owners handle marketing and most inquiries, sales, and bookings.) Daily contact with the owners by phone, fax, and email. Office work and record keeping. Hurricane preparation and protection. A comprehensive Operations Manual is provided for help and guidance with the work. Approximately 40 hours per week total working time, but (one person) on call 24/7 for the guesthouse and 12 (daytime)/7 for the boat rental. Licensed driver. Computer literate. Drug free. None to moderate alcohol use. Nonsmoking inside. References required. Please reply to: Robert E. “Butch” Pendergast, Owner Toll free 866-210-0709, or email: or write to Box 611, Culebra, PR 00775.

2 Responses to “Summer plans?”

  1. Dave Pentecost Says:

    MT-Blacklist works great with MT 2.661. But you have to keep monitoring it – the spammers keep multiplying and coming up with new URLs to put into the blacklist. That said, it’s easy enough to check and de-spam every few days.

    I think the new six apart tactics will require you to upgrade your MT installation.

  2. Mary Helene Says:

    I really like this photo of Massey’s kitchen.

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