Software gadgets

I thought it’s worth noting that I’m doing most of my blogging now through this clever little Mac app MarsEdit — for whatever reason it makes it easier to blog. I’m also using a clever little app called to keep my work feed up to date. Mike C cleverly put our company feed on the homepage in our new company website design.

Two other little apps that have increased my productivity — entirely through tweaking user interface design — are MenuCalendarClock and Saft. MenuCalendarClock just adds a well-designed calendar option to the Mac OS X toolbar — next to the clock. It interfaces with iCal, and makes my life easier. Saft is a package of add-ons to Safari. I have no idea what most of them are, but I use it for one very specific and wonderful one — it saves tabbed browsing. I’m a tabbed browsing addict, and I’m liable to have 8 or 10 tabs open in Safari while web surfing. If I quit, Saft remembers all the tabs so that the next time I start Safari all the tabs I left open are still there. Perfect for catching up on critical blog reading. Saft also has a right-click output to PDF option — perfect for much of my web surfing, when i want to capture valuable layouts or clever online creatives. Every day I’m discovering little features that Saft adds to my web browsing and it’s making me an addict.

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