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The fifth anniversary of is around the corner — March 9. Prior to March 9, existed as the site called “Muse of Fire” on a variety of free hosting sites — I can’t even remember their names. They were basically Geocities copycats. In any case, five seems like a relatively significant anniversary for a blog. Any ideas on how I might celebrate?

One way of celebrating is noting the profusion of blogs that my friends have started to keep. A few weeks ago I started a blogroll on the left hand side, linking to friends and family and their blogs. But in the last month, several friends have started blogs that are pretty interesting.

My good friend Peter Carley started blogging shortly after the birth of his twins with What It’s All About — I think my favorite post is his Groundbreaking Financial Security Plan. Before taking off to have twins, Peter kept us all sane during the first 10 weeks of EchoDitto. Now we have to help him stay sane as twin raising takes its toll.

A number of other Dean Campaign staffers have joined the fray with blogs. A beer-soaked evening with none other than Jon Wadsworth led to Crazy Jon, which is aptly named. (warning: it’s not exactly for the faint of heart…) Jon actually used to write fairly regularly.

As far from Crazy Jon in style and substance as humanly possible is the new collaboration between Bobby Clark and Kelly Nuxoll called Blognostics — “Last fall, a few of us who had worked for Howard Dean were talking about our experience on the campaign. We realized that we had more in common than our political views. We also share religious backgrounds and a continued faith that informs and, sometimes, challenges our political views. So we decided to do what nearly every other former Dean staffer had done – we started a blog.”

Two EchoDittoes recently launched their own blogs — Joshua Shimkin started The Vernacularist after much soul-searching about a good blog name — what, Joshua, “guy in a box” wasn’t good enough? And David Cohen has started social B., a blog about blogs, business, and social entrepreneurship.

See, that’s the great thing about blogs. Everybody gets one, to write about their passions, whatever they think needs to be written about. Sometimes, with my friends, reading their blogs is like some secret glimpse into their inner intellectual and emotional life; it can be thrilling.

2 Responses to “Friends Blogify”

  1. Anne Says:

    The geographically dispersed nature of blog, blogger, blog-readers, and blog topics makes a celebration of a conventional sort difficult. Unless you wanted to throw an “In the Flesh” party for Could be interesting. Or scary?


  2. Anne Says:

    Oooh, you could organize a meetup! :-O

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