Kasey, Kasey

I just received a terrible phone call from Joe Trippi. Kasey, the beloved Westie of Joe Trippi and Kathy Lash, is ill — gravely ill. Some kind of cancer, very advanced and aggressive. Joe was calling me on his way to pickup Kathy and Kasey at the vet’s — I’ll detail a full diagnosis as soon as I know.

On the Dean campaign, I bonded deeply with Kasey — I love this dog. She is an incredible dog, a true Wonder Dog, and tonight my thoughts and prayers are with Kasey, Kathy, and Joe. Stay tuned for more developments.

Photos of Kasey as Director of Canine Outreach are available here.

5 Responses to “Kasey, Kasey”

  1. Matthew Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Kasey. I read the book and saw a picture of you and Kasey crashing on the couch. It’s probably my most favorite picture in the book.

    When Karl told me the news, I knew I had to send my condolences. Please keep us all up to date.

  2. Irish Says:

    The words simply will not come right now. All I can muster is to say my thoughts are with Kasey, Kathy and Joe tonight.

  3. kenn herman Says:


    please let joe and kathy know that i am wishing the best for kasey. i think the laps of you and me where some of the few that kasey would voluntarily jump up on. that might of been a fallout of us bonding before kathy made the request to stop letting her graze around our desks…

    while i might not of taken the time to enjoy the sunsets, petting and playing with kasey definately brought a HUGE sanity to an insane time.


  4. Shaunee Says:

    It was hard to believe that dog was not human, she exhibited so much personality as she pranced around and ignored most people. She was a very important part of DFA.

  5. Jesse Says:


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