A Photo I Wish I Had Taken

My love of photography has suffered as of late. I’m just not taking many photos, and not spending the time I used to spend (hours!) reviewing and considering my photos. Instead I’m slowly becoming a Flickr Zombie. Consider this photo discovered today on Flickr — it’s brilliant. I love it. I wish I had taken it, and I’m not a man with many regrets.

A few years ago I had this idea — or maybe Chris Massey had it — where you would subscribe to Nicco for a year. I figured I didn’t need much money to survive, so could I get enough people to pay me $30 or $40 to pursue a random assortment of art projects, everything from writing to painting to large land art installations? The Nicco Subscription never got off the ground, although a number of my friends who remember the idea still seem to think it’s absolutely hilariously funny to revisit every time I talk to them… “remember that time you had that crazy idea? man, that was dumb! ha ha ha…”

Anyway the point is I have been contemplating a Heather Champ Print Club. It’s a subscription to her photos, where once a month she sends you a print from her work. On your birthday you get to chose your favorite photo for an extra-large print. See? Not such a crazy idea.

2 Responses to “A Photo I Wish I Had Taken”

  1. Anne Says:

    What’s up with all the doggishness?

    Jealously yours,
    Orange, Black, and other cats.

  2. Mike Says:

    It’s not a crazy idea, and I think a good half-step would be to get some of your photos published in Heather and Derek’s JPG Magazine.

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