Are there Starbucks in Japan?

This has suddenly become an all-consuming question. See, Starbucks means both cappuccino and wifi. Everyone has their Starbucks beef, and I’m not arguing. But it’s the best way to find both a half-way decent cup of beloved coffee products and the lifeblood of my existence, wifi. A couple weeks ago in Italy, cappuccino was easy to find. Even the worst coffee products there completely shamed Starbucks, so that you could wonder why you even bothered to drink coffee in America. But Italy is not wifi friendly. Japan appears to be wifi friendly, but not much in the way of cappuccino. Given the choice, which would I choose? Cappuccino or wifi? I don’t think I can handle it. And given this bizarre, nerd-yuppie conundrum, some of you will be wondering how I will survive the my upcoming trip to the Mayan Jungle, where neither are readily available. But the Jungle is the Jungle, and Yokohama is just another urbanity.

5 Responses to “Are there Starbucks in Japan?”

  1. Nick Mele Says:

    Japanese coffee is pretty poor, as I recall. But wifi ought to be easy to find–there was always good access from the hotel rooms I stayed in back in the 90s, and even farther back, in the 80s, some hotels would loan business guests a desktop with internet access for free! The loaner included printer, modem and other peripherals.

  2. Joshua Says:

    It pains me to say this, but I would choose wifi…and I majored in Italian Studies!

    Bring us back some presents. It’s the best gadget shopping in the world. Have fun over there.

  3. notbernie Says:

    When are you leaving? You have to head over to Akihabara to check out the electronic stores. Go see the Great Budda in Kamakura and don’t miss out on the “Elvis Presley Fan Club of Tokyo.”

    Go with the wifi. Who cares about the coffee. Eat the sushi and look for a Hoppi Beer. Check out the Sumo Basho in May.

  4. Dave Pentecost Says:

    Hey Nicco, don’t worry about the jungle. At Panchan on the edge of the Palenque ruins, there is a point-to-point link from town and wi-fi that reaches the restaurant. I first set it up with a linksys in a plastic bag in a tree. It’s since been improved. The coffee is not Starbucks but it’s good.

    And up in San Cristobal, where we go next, there is a coffee house, called La Selva (the Jungle!) with the good strong stuff.

    So we’ll do okay.

  5. alejandro nogales Says:

    flip the mental switch when you go to the jungle… you won’t even remember the aroma. i pulled it off somehow in 2003 (Madidi Jungle) and again this year (MOTO!). i say this as i drink a spice latte on wifi @ perks 😉

    take a look:

    don’t know about Japanese coffee, but it can’t be worse than the garbage i had in Chile.

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