Kathy Lash Gives a Kasey Update

I’m a long way from the Eastern Shore, but I just got this email from Kathy Lash and she asked me to post it:

I just want to thank everyone for all their kind emails, cards and flowers. You are wonderful to think of us. It has made it easier on Joe and I knowing how much Kasey is loved and was a part of the Dean Campaign.

She has lymphoma. There is no cure, but chemotherapy (which she started yesterday) will give us, hopefully, another year with the most amazing dog ever.

We are lucky — blessed. We have the resources to do whatever Kasey needs to extend her life and keep her comfortable. However, sitting in waiting room after waiting room this week, I learned that this is not the case for so many who love their pets the way we adore Kasey.

Too many families cannot afford the treatment necessary to save their pets of sometimes curable diseases. I can’t imagine the pain of learning that your pet is seriously ill and because of your financial situation unable to do anything about it? It is heart breaking.

So, I was thinking of working with my local vet in setting up a foundation in Kasey’s memory to raise money for families who cannot afford treatment for their pets. Nicco said we could call it “Kasey’s Cure”.

Maybe some good could come from these sad days. Please let me know what you think or if you have any ideas.

And again, I thank you.


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