Death and Time

Tonight I’m in Palenque, listening to a mexican ho-down and catching some wi-fi on the jury-rigged TWPS router (TWPS = Tupperware Weather Protection System, with thanks to Dr. Ed). Earlier today I was sitting at the same table with the amazing Dr. Ed Barnhart. He described a conversation with Moises, a local (& international) legend for his Maya knowledge, who posited “The Western World created two things that did not exist: death and time.”

There you have it. Death and time don’t exist. I’ve uploaded photos from our first day of hiking and site visits. I’ve managed to comment a fair number of them with decent descriptions — mostly the later ones. I started in reverse order, and got tired pretty quick. The jungle is — well, the jungle. And the site visits are astounding — the ancient world was full of ambition, and the remains of their culture (Maya or Roman) simply astound me.

Okay, too late and too tired. More photos (and even podcasts) to come.

One Response to “Death and Time”

  1. Shaunee Says:

    keep up the great travelog…many of with you enjoying it…..amazing how primative our culture is when you see the beauty in what they created in the Mayan culture

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