The Party is Over; the Photos are captioned.

Okay, there you have it. I’ve captioned all the photos I’m going to caption. I have a number of favorites; you’ll just have to poke around. Dave also has a great post that relates our final minutes together — when some guy comes around at 4:30 in the morning in the middle of the jungle asking us if the party is over. Dave’s right; I’m still chuckling. Here’s the complete run-down:

2 Responses to “The Party is Over; the Photos are captioned.”

  1. Anne Says:

    Your linked photo of the poppy and daisies was my immediate favorite when you posted these a week or so ago — it’s been my desktop ever since! so perfect. I did a dark brown-red background.

  2. As If It Matters » Junglecasts Forever! Says:

    […] Last March I visited Chiapas, Mexico (photos here) on the invitation of my friend Dave Pentecost. While there, we recorded several podcasts while romping around the jungle with Dr. Ed Barnhart, founded of the Mayan Exploration Center. We put these podcasts up on EchoRadio as the Junglecasts – and they have gathered quite a following. Most recently, Wired News featured them as part of “Beyond Porno: Free iPod Content”, a collection of cool free content for your iPod. The junglecasts have also appeared on and a number of other places, but far and away my favorite was this email Dave received: Just letting you know these Jungle Podcasts are great and they are being heard as far away as Antarctica! Keep up the good work, cheers. […]

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