A few weeks ago I went to Chiapas, Mexico with Dave Pentecost to explore the region, and spend some time with archaeologists working on discovering more about the Maya culture. Our first JungleCast (a Podcast from the Jungle!) is available on EchoRadio. Dave did a ton of work putting together these podcasts — the first one has a soundtrack that includes Steve Reich’s “Six Marimbas” and “Nagoya Marimbas” and the inevitable Captain Beefheart’s “Smithsonian Institute Blues (the Big Dig)”. You can listen to the JungleCast here — we’ve got a few more coming.

On the podcast, Dr. Ed Barnhart gives this incredible tour around the central ruins of Palenque. The work that Dr. Ed Barnhart is doing with the Maya Exploration Center is truly first-rate, the sort of discovery and exploration that is exciting and harks back to the days when we didn’t have a full map of the globe. If you’re gripped by that excitement that comes with discovery of the unknown, then I’d suggest making a contribution to support Dr. Ed’s work.

Here are some photos that are relevant to the podcast:

One Response to “JungleCast!”

  1. rsgeek Says:

    Hi… This likely feels like ancient news to you, but almost all the links in this post have rotted away. Would the podcast file happen to be available somewhere else? I stumbled across this post courtesy of a Google search, and was hoping to be able to listen to the JungleCast…


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