Junglecast 2: Math & the Maya

Installation two of the Junglecasts from the Gringo Collapse Tour, podcasts with Dr. Ed Barnhart of the Maya Exploration Center right from the heart of Palenque, is now available for download here via EchoRadio. Dr. Ed ran a 3-year project to map the entire site of Palenque, discovering hundreds of structures and leaving the total number of mapped buildings at well over 1,200. This podcast covers some of the amazing mathematical concepts embedded in ancient Maya architecture. It’s truly stunning stuff.

These Junglecasts are the result of a trip I took with Dave Pentecost, at his insistence, to discover the wonders buried in Chiapas, Mexico. The First Junglecast Ever is available here at EchoRadio. As always, if you’re gripped by that excitement that comes with discovery of the unknown, then I’d suggest making a contribution to support Dr. Ed’s work.

Photos that relate to the podcast:

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