Junglecast 3: Collapse

The podcasts from the jungles of Chiapas continue. Episodes One and Two are available, but now we’re on to Episode Three where we discuss the Collapse of the Maya Civilization with Dr. Ed Barnhart of the Maya Exploration Center. It’s one of the great mysteries of the Maya, and a topic covered in many books, including Jared Diamond’s recent bestseller, Collapse.

Dr. Ed Barnhart was kind enough to share his time with us for the podcasts. He’s also doing some of the most exciting work out there, the sort of gritty field work that is far afield from classroom academics. Take a second to support a true explorer by making a contribution to support Dr. Ed’s work.

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  1. The Daily Glyph Says:

    Junglecast 3 on Echoradio

    Junglecast 3: The Collapse is available on Echoradio, Thanks to Nicco and, of course, Ed Barnhart. EchoRadio | EchoDitto…

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