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Last week I went down and caught the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin in full bloom. Given my flower obsession, you can imagine I took an enormous number of photos. After a painful amount of pruning, I’ve posted the best of the bunch. Unfortunately, I showed up a bit too late; the light wasn’t quite right, too dark, and the place was packed to the gills with people.

I’ve also posted a new bunch of books in the upper left hand corner for the first time since the late fall. Charles Portis I was introduced by Dave Pentecost as part of our Gringo Collapse Tour. I’ve only read True Grit and Gringos — both were good, but I enjoyed Gringos much more — probably because I was a gringo in Chiapas when I was reading it and it made much more sense. I’m looking forward to reading The Dog of the South.

I’m also indebted to Dave Pentecost for Sacred Monkey River by Chris Shaw. I haven’t read it yet, just have it on my nightstand, but Dave highly recommends it. Chris is a friend of his from the river, and it turns out that Silbo remembers him from the campaign (Rumor has it that Chris lives in Vermont).

In keeping with the Mexico theme, I’ve just started reading The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene. Greene is one of my favorite fiction writers, although poetry outranks fiction 1000 to 1 in my book. Still, at the top of my favorite fiction list is Greene and Robertson Davies. I’ve never read this Graham Greene book and I’m looking forward to it.

Finally, a return to an old favorite: The Wild Iris by Louise Gluck. I read this book of poems back in 1997 or 1998, and even had the title poem memorized for a time. I remember discovering it in the Stacks of Swem Library while in College, just browsing… and being caught completely breathless by the opening poem. That’s what I’m reading right now.

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  1. Anne Says:

    When you’re done reading P&G, if you’re curious, I can point you to some people to discuss it with, or send you a few posts. My friend Lee down here has a seminary friend in Vancouver, they were trying to start a book discussion — it fell prey in March to the academics’ spring, but the kick-off book, P&G, did see some action. I have it because it’s Sam’s longtime favorite and I intend to read it, but… but… but…

    As you say, poetry outranks fiction 1000 to 1. About the same proportion in my book, too.

    Speaking of Louise Gluck, have you read much Mary Oliver? Was there one I sent out recently? I think so, about the lake and being alive?

    Swem. There’s a word I want to hear more often. I remember discovering Thomas Merton in the reference area of Swem. We were so lucky to go there before computers took over libraries, when the reference room was full of big books that you had to use and so many people to glance at and away from! The mighty fishbowl, all the Psi U’s and serious chicks, and the stray serious frat boy.

  2. Matt Stoller Says:

    I just want to point out that you put this post in the ‘administrative’ category.

  3. name Says:

    whats wrong with dark photos?

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