photos & flowers

Harish went to Lebanon and left my digital camera there. After a few weeks of using my cameraphone with varying levels of success, I finally gave in and purchased a real digital camera, SLR, the new Canon Digital Rebel XT. First, I spent Saturday at the Georgetown Garden Show. Then spent Monday in New York (still in New York, actually…) at the Personal Democracy Forum, where I took not only photos of participants but specialized in their neckties. I’m in a bit of bind: Flickr is the standard of the day, but I sell prints of my flower photos through Smugmug. So, for now I guess I’ll post in both places… but be sure to buy some of my prints. This one might be my favorite, but I like this one, too. Oh, and comments don’t work yet. so you’ll have to comment on Flickr or something. Let’s complicate this process as much as possible, shall we?

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