More photos

I’ve added a second roll of prints from yesterday’s marathon visit. The first roll is still available online, and both rolls can be seen in the master gallery. I’ve also enabled the print feature so you can order 4 by 6 inch prints – slightly larger than standard size, but then again digital cameras do not take photos in standard 3 by 5 size. In addition to prints, if you choose “photo gifts” from the pull down menu, you can order everything from t-shirts to mugs to magnets. Proceeds go to the Sophia Josephine Mele college fun. Go nuts.

4 Responses to “More photos”

  1. Joe C Says:

    Congrats Uncle Nicco!

  2. Josh Says:

    Nicco! Are your comments unbroken? That’s wonderful! And, even more wonderful – your beautiful neice!!! How totally cool. Congradulations. I love the pictures. Thanks indeed for sharing the news. (ps- how on earth was india? i’d love to hear about your trip. be well my friend.)

  3. George Says:

    Congratulations Nicco! I always thought of you as a big brother and I have no doubt you will make an excellent uncle to little Sophia!

  4. Helen & Harry Geib Says:

    Congratulations Mele Family on the most beautiful baby in the world TIED with Anne Elizabeth Geib born on August 1, 2005. I called my husband, Harry in to see Sophia, such a beautiful little baby girl. We are so happy for you all. Our son, Harry F. Geib, S.J. shared your happy news with us. Love, Helen and Harry Geib

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