My dear friend Andrew Doss just called me and told me to go to CNN and listen to the Mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin. I don’t have Windows Media Player and couldn’t listen to it, but luckily Dave Winer is pointing to the original as a podcast – listen to it here. CNN has a good summary of the interview.

Andrew Doss, my buddy, is from New Orleans and put me up there in June for a long, fun weekend. He’s okay, and his family is okay, but heart-broken and terrified. And the Mayor in that radio interview is the same: angry, frustrated, terrified, and full of a desperate desire to help his people. He gets upset about all the politics, and calls for a moratorium on press conferences until someone actually decides to help. What a terrifying and sad thing for him to say – “They thinking small, man, and this is a major, major deal,” – you’ve got to read it, and then help.

One Response to “Katrina”

  1. anne Says:

    y-o nicco – your link to dave’s link to the podcast is dead.

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