The Shuffle

I love the iPod Shuffle. I love it more than the iPod. I started with the 1 gig Shuffle, and then gave it to my brother to trade down to the 512 MB shuffle.

Why? Because there was something fun, something nice, about a small selection of songs. It was easier to enjoy them, easier to have variety. Something about the massive selection of my massive iTunes collection makes enjoying the music borderline impossible. You end up listening to the same small collection of tunes again and again.

But with the Shuffle, everything is different. Having that limit, that ceiling of 120 songs is surprisingly liberating. And the small size and long battery life makes for incredible portability – and consequently I listen to more music than I ever did before.

I have been singing the praises of the Shuffle to friends & family for some time – but this morning I saw this blog post about why the Shuffle is superior and decided it was time to Blog It!

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