Wedding Fun

Today, my beloved brother, Peter Mele, marries Barbara McAlpine, at noon eastern time. I’m about to go join the groomsmen, but before I do – a prayer for my brother, and his new wife, for a long and good life together. (They’re off to a good start!)

To my great consternation and frustration, I managed to forget my camera back in DC. Instead, I’ll be using the camera on my phone to send photos to my Flickr account – so check for the latest photos.

(Until I get this blog out of beta you can find my other photos here.)

5 Responses to “Wedding Fun”

  1. Dave P Says:

    Best wishes to all in the extended Mele family. Weddings are cool – we had a great one this year. We discovered we had married into the Chinese mob! Plus you have a bonus babe – fantastic start! See you around…

  2. Anne Says:

    Nicco! When you gonna rebody this here wordsoul?

  3. josh_sandoz Says:

    Nicco! What’s up man? I check your blog all the time . . . any updates scheduled for the near future? Curious minds want to know . . .

    Be well my friend.

  4. senseless Says:

    Beta Beta Beta!

    Come On Nicco!

    You can do it!

  5. josh_sandoz Says:

    Missing Nicco: A Poem

    Now I just need to write the poem . . .

    The title is indeed full of truth however.


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