Maybe it’s the holidays, or maybe I’m just returning to something in myself that was in hibernation. Whatever it is, I’m back to blogging. I’ve even got a few posts lined up in draft mode. Something I heard Jerry say last week inspired me – he said that Doc Searls talks about blogging like writing email, but publicly. So I’m going to take some recent screeds I wrote over email to friends and blogify them.

But before we go there – I’ve uploaded 2, maybe 3 years worth of photos in the last couple of weeks. There is travel: southern Spain, southern Mexico, and Rome. All manner of flowers. And the star of the show, my neice and goddaughter Sophia Josephine Mele. But there were also a bunch of weddings:

And that’s just in Smugmug! In my Flickr feed I’ve got even more, including my India trip and the county fair.

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