The Nomadic Bug

I’m in Bellingham, Washington State for the holidays with my parents and grandparents. Today I was over at my grandparents’, and I used my grandfather’s bathroom. And there, in the bathroom, was this book… what exactly is my grandfather up to? He’s always scheming away on his latest project, and this time the book is a dead give-away.

Tonight my parents and my grandparents and I went out to dinner to celebrate my brother’s birthday. He’s in New York City with his family, so we celebrated without him. But we did count up the number of countries we’ve visited. My grandfather was quite a traveler during his career, and so was my father – so between the three generations it turns out we covered 72 countries. Airport lay-overs were excluded – you had to actually have stayed in the country and be able to describe it. So, 72 countries was the final talley. My father had Asia pretty well-covered, and my grandfather had Europe and the Middle East well-covered. They shared Africa equally, and South America was touched but was the least visited. I think Haiti was the only country I had stayed in that nobody else in my family had visited – otherwise most of my visits were pre-empted by an earlier visit from my father or grandfather. My grandparents visited Jerusalem when it was still part of Jordan, so the question was: could you count it separately from Jordan (which they had also visited)? Verdict: yes. 72 countries in almost as many years. Amazing.

One Response to “The Nomadic Bug”

  1. josh_sandoz Says:

    Nicco! I’m so happy you are blogging again. Given that you kind of concieved and gave birth to my blog, I guess it’s fair to say that I owe you my blogging life. 😉 How long are you staying in Bellingham anyway? We’re in Chicago right now, but we’ll be getting back to Seattle sometime on New Years Eve. Hope you are well. Please greet your beautiful family for me.

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