I might be too much of an introvert. Voicemails pile up, emails remain unread, and my blog slowly dies. Days spent in meetings, hours spent on conference calls. Individually they are each important and valuable, but in the aggregate it wears me out. I end up prioritizing – and sometimes my priorities get out of whack. So I seek ways to stay grounded – to stay close to the earth, clear eyed about what is going on, focused on what matters. Reading always helps, especially the poems I always return to. And then there’s Tom the Cat – “oh for a muse of fire! that would ascend the highest heavens of invention” or, er, “the highest heavens of slothfulness”. He’s just so secure in his absolute disregard for everything, so confident of the utter lazyness and un-urgency of his world. Torpor, indeed. He breathes hope into my aspirations.

2 Responses to “overload”

  1. As If It Matters » Preferred Repetition Says:

    […] Given last night’s post about needing inspiration and strength in these troubled times, I thought I should post about music. Those who know me are aware of my obsessive-compulsive music listening habits. When I find a song I like, I’ll frequently listen to it hundreds of times consecutively, without allowing any other music to interfere. It’s kind of annoying habit. Right now that song is “You’ve Been Faithful To Us Clouds” by Half-Handed Cloud. It’s kind of a stupid, happy, pop-music song, but I can’t get enough of it. I absolutely love it. I think it will stand up to about another two days of listening, and then I will have completely exhausted the song, sucked the life out of it, and I’ll be on the prowl for my next song-meal. […]

  2. Dave P Says:

    Yo Nicco! Hello? Chiapas? Torpor?

    Finally got the Wi-Fi back in the house. Looking at the mountain. “highest heavens of slothfulness” indeed. Lyn was just commenting on how refreshing it is to see the naked yoga hippes in Chip’s house. How long since we’ve seen unambitious people?

    So where are you, dude? Grab a plane, listen to that song all the way down. We got Wi-Fi and sloth!

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