and here I was, all ready to write a post about The Village and remaindered animatroics hollywood animals (it’s only $21,000.00 for the animatronic walrus used in pizza commericals), but instead I’ve spent my alloted blogging time trying to figure out how to get rid of the “_encloseme: 1” that wordpress is sticking in front of each new post. And as you can tell, I haven’t been very successful. [or maybe I have?] Argh.

2 Responses to “technology”

  1. josh_sandoz Says:

    I’m not sure how much time you have alloted yourself for such things, but may I say that I for one and certainly glad to hear from you via blogland. You’re a good man Nicco. A good man.

  2. josh_sandoz Says:

    oops… “am” certainly glad… not “and”

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