Wages of Spend is Debt

A beautiful weekend. Just a gorgeous weekend, hanging out there in the wind with nothing to do but swing in the zephyr and bang against the lonely iron pole. That’s the kind of weekend it was, last weekend. And what did I do with this gem of a weekend, this weekend with not a single commitment of any kind? I watched the television. That’s right, television. The big TeeVee. I have 10, maybe 15 great books on my bedside table begging for attention. I have boku blogs to read. I just received the newest edition of Poetry magazine. I have an endless list of hobbies and half-finished projects – including the triptych I’m painting – and what do I do? Watch television. And not even good television. Television like “Pimp My Ride” and bad History Channel and National Geographic Channel documentaries, like “Is it true: Lochness monster” and “Mystery of the Hanging Coffins of the Mysterious Walls of the Brooding Tribes of the Inscrutable Dark Canyon“.

You might think that someone put me up to this. You might think that someone stood in my living room with a gun and demanded that I watch bad television. But no, no it was entirely up to me. And so that’s how I find myself on Monday night, after a long day at work, trying to figure out why I didn’t do any of the things I loved doing this weekend. I just watched the telly. Shoot me now, put me out of my misery.

2 Responses to “Wages of Spend is Debt”

  1. josh_sandoz Says:

    During the next commercial break do you think you could jot me a quick email? 😉

    Hey, when are you coming out to Seattle again?

    That was fun.

  2. Anne Says:

    oh nicco, i’d stopped checking your blog! wonderful to find all these antrays here.

    life here is pretty good. love the new digs, trying to get my mind around the variousness of things. contact me! but if you don’t, i’ll forgive you immediately as soon as you do.

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