Kumasi Born

I was born in Kumasi, Ghana. I’ve even got an Ashanti nick-name: Akwasi, since I was born on a Sunday. Consequently, in following the World Cup, I’ve been rooting for Ghana. But as they have succeeded, I’ve developed a problem. I can’t root too hard, as I’ve been spending a lot of mental energy focusing on the Mets and their victories. I’m afraid that if I divert too much energy to rooting for Ghana, the Mets will begin to loose. It’s a serious dilemma.

One Response to “Kumasi Born”

  1. Dave P Says:

    Hi Nicco! Pobre Mexico, so close to the US, so far from (God) a World Cup championship! The conservative candidate for president, Calderon, had linked his candidacy so much to the team, that now folks are wondering the effect of the soccer defeat on the election. We’ll know soon.

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