Flickr Archiving

I’ve been spending all of my copious free time going through my old photos and uploading some favorites to Flickr. Here are some of the new sets of old photos:

  • Random photos of my brother
  • I lived in Queens for almost 3 years, and here are some of the photos from that period: New York (2001 to 2003)
  • Way back in 1999 I got an early webcam and took a photo of myself. Then, entranced with the wonders of the old shareware app PaintShop Pro, I went to town and created a fun slideshow that I call “Nicco the Thug“.
  • My aunt gave me a bunch of old family slides from the early 1950s. I’ve scanned the first four slides and thrown in a much later scanned photo. Most of these photos are of my father, Nick Mele, and his parents, Nick and Dorothy.
  • In 1996 or 1997 (I can’t remember exactly when), I got a grant from the Charles Center at William & Mary, where I was in college. The grant was a special cross-disciplinary scholarship, only to be used for something totally unrelated to your major or minor. I was particularly entranced by Dale Chihuly at the time, and so I applied for a grant to study glassblowing. I received the grant, and spent part of my summer at the Corning Glass Studio in Corning, New York. My obsession with glassblowing continues to this day.
  • I’ve also got a a random collection of family photos… This is pretty interesting – a scan of William P. St. John’s obit from the New York Times, not sure the date. Born in 1849, so probably early 1900s. He’s an aged ancestor of mine – my maternal grandfather had this obit.
  • Speaking of my maternal grandfather, here’s a photo from a trip to his childhood home, Hellhole, California. I’m not kidding.

Besides the sets, there are a bunch of random photos that aren’t in sets. Some of my favorites:

More photos to come.

2 Responses to “Flickr Archiving”

  1. Anne Says:

    you know what i’d really love to see sometime? a shot of the typewriter webpage from the old page. and the “wolf and howl in the bookish dark” strand poem. and the roethke poem.

  2. senseless Says:

    Here you go Anne…*/

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