Yowee Zowee

The tech world is buzzing about the Google-YouTube deal. A few people have asked me what I think this means. Implications of this deal: the networks should be crapping their pants. Google is a media company built on advertising revenue. Adding YouTube’s video audience and infrastructure to Google’s audience and ad sales machine is the beginning of the end for network television. Its not clear yet where its all going but one thing is clear: the audience of YouTube and the ad revenue of Google is coming directly out of network tv’s audience and revenue stream. The valuation is totally absurd but it makes me think that (a) Google has got something up their sleeve that makes the valuation worthwhile and (b) Microsoft is totally irrelevant and it didn’t take that long.

One Response to “Yowee Zowee”

  1. nickmele Says:

    first of all, why be so vulgar? second of all, if you must be vulgar, spell the words correctly!!!
    “crapping” not “craping” I don’t know what “craping” is, but it either has something to do with hanging curtains or else is an indictable act of assault.

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