Game 1 National League Championship Series Commentary

I asked my brother, Pete Mele, to provide Mets post-season commentary on Enjoy! – NM

Not sure I agree with starting Cliff Floyd. Don’t get me wrong, I love the man, and if he’s not back next year, I will miss him (especially if he’s replaced by a certain Washington National), but I was at game 2 of the NLDS, and in the 5th inning I turned to my brother next to me and said, he doesn’t look too good. He was hobbling into the dugout after an inning. They needed to keep Floyd in reserve for when they really need that big hit. Seeing him turn 1st base after his foul ball in the second inning, I think many of us Sofa Coaches questioned Willie Randolph.

7 shut out innings for our boy Tommy! Looking good. As I heard him say, he’s gonna try to make Albert hit his pitches, not Albert’s pitches. And that’s how the at bats went!

What was the biggest double take I did during the game? That was Bob Dylan with the theme song from the movie ‘Wonder Boys’ “Things Have Changed”, playing during the 1st inning when they did a montage of Glavine’s career. “Things Have Changed” happens to be THE song that has been running thru my head for the last 2 weeks. Amazing. Just like our Mets.

Oh man. I must admit that at about the halfway point of game 1, I was getting nervous about the health of this team. But I BELIEVE. You Gotta Believe! So come on everyone, clap your hands, and say you believe! We are going all the way!

OK another side step here, but I remember the 88, 89 and 90 world series and I have got to say, Tony LaRussa looks if anything, younger now then he did then. What is his secret? Does he have Maguires’ cast off pills? Is it a sinister X Files plot where he eats under performing minor leaguers? That Sharon Stone cream from Catwoman? I don’t know. But I think it’s probably tied up in the dark arts. On the subject of Tony LaRussa…. If the Cards could have made it to the WS (you know, if the Mets decided to take October off) and the A’s could have made it, would it be the first time a two teams made it to the WS that had been skippered by the same man?

My brother has pointed out to me how AWESOME MLB’s enhanced GameDay is. That being said next year they’ll probably try and charge for it. The bastards.

Willie left Glavine in for the top of the 7th. This might go down as his fatal error. Not because of what Glavine did tonight, but rather what he will have to do in Game 5. He got the 3 outs without any danger, But he’s now been pushed a little too far. We will see in Game 5. No wait! I Believe! WE WILL NOT NEED GAME 5! Lets Go Mets!

All in all I had a fantastic time. This is baseball at it’s best, the teams are evenly matched, but you know in your heart that the good team, your team, our team Has to win. And with a slice of family fun on the side, it was the best way to spend a Thursday night.

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