Game 3 NLC Series

I asked my brother, Pete Mele, to provide Mets post-season commentary on Enjoy! – NM

A hard game to watch tonight. Trachsel combusted, and while Oliver was good, the rest of the Mets gave up. I feel a little guilty. If only I had believed harder we might have done better. I’m hopeing for a 9th inning miracle,but this is the Mets. Then again, It’s the METS. So keep on keeping on.

I will take a moment to be critical of Willie Randolph. In compiling this post season roster he didn’t include Millidge, Bannister or Pelfry. but he did include Perez, Mota and Anderson HErnandez. Thats right. Three 2nd basemen and only 4 starters. Thats 4 starters including… Oliver Perez. If that doesn’ give you the shakes I don’t know what will. Happy Holloween! Oliver Perez is starting Game 4…. It’s a perverse trick-or-treat, and unless we all start believing real hard, it’s gonna be a nasty trick.

The mets have put some great Talent together, but it looks like we relied on the Yankee’s pitching plan (hopeing Old horses can reclaim former glory) and it might be our fatal error. I would have tried to capitalize on the enthusiasm of Wright and Reyes and keep the younger pitchign staff on the post season roster.

On the other hand, now the Mets are the underdogs, and we can really thrive in that position. Part of my love affair with baseball is that even though there is this overwhelmign statistical side to the game, there is also so much of it that just depends on feel, on the “omph” in the bottom in your gut. Tonight Steve Trachsel tried to fight his gut, and it back fired on him. He went to far into numbers and ignored himself and the rest of the Mets, becuase of fatigue or nerves or the cold, just couldn’t over come it.

Tomorrow though. Tomorrow I return to my Aunt’s apartment for pre-game festivities. Then we’ll see who has the omph. Here we come! Lets Go METS.

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