Game 4 NLC Series

I asked my brother, Pete Mele, to provide Mets post-season commentary on Enjoy! – NM

Congratulations! We believed! We prayed! We hoped for Oliver Perez and we came thru! But it wasn’t that exciting. When you’re up by 7 runs, you don’t sweat a Jim Edmonds home run. I admit for the first time in a week, I was able to carry a conversation with my wife during the 6th inning. And what she said was spot on. As Delgado came up for the 3rd or 4th time, she said, “I love it when you can see boyhood excitement in an adult face.” And I think thats such a perfect summary of the Mets at their best.

Obviously Wright and Reyes are more or less still boys and you can see that in their pro jerseys, they are really just 2 steps from 7 year olds living out a fantasy. But Delgado, a 14 year veteran, still has that fire. He’s come thru some good years, a few bad years, a few bad managers, a press smear scandal, and while he’s grissled when it comes to the ins and outs of this wonderful diversion, he can still apreciate the ‘game’ on the diamond. His ‘omph’ is all smiles. And I love watching him play. Here’s to 2 more wins and a trip to the World Series! Lets Go METS! Lets Keep Believing!

I am slightly worried about the future. Tomorrow will be a hard game. Lets hope our boys in blue and orange will keep the pep in their steps and the smile in their eyes. I’m worried about fatigue and stress on our only tried and true starter. And then we still have a game 6 if not 7 to worry about. And while we’re busting our humps against the cards, the Tigers are wiping champaign out of their eyes and dusting off their ring fingers.

And it doesn’t help that the Fox sports network is patently anti-Met. Joe Buck is a longtime Cards broadcaster and Tim Carver? Oh right, he was the Cards’ catcher for 10 years. So that’s a “fair and balanced” look at the Metropolitans. Did anyone notice that when they did the “This Day In History”m the clip of the Mets clinching the NLCS in 86 was actually a clip of the Astros hitting a off the foul poul into fair territory, then a smash cut the the Mets pitcher, Jesse Orasco pumping his fist. Right. Couldn’t of shown Strawberry knocking his double….

I heard Willie Randolph talking on the Radio today, and while i thought he didn’t have enough BELIEVE in this voice, I do like the way he closed the interview. He said, We’ve got 9. LEts go out and get ’em. Well right now we’ve actually got 3 games. Lets go out there and get them. Lets get them good. Lets Go Mets!

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