Game 5 NLCS

Hi- I’m Nicco’s brother, who has been invited to guest blog about baseball. I should probably spend the extra 2 seconds to just copy and paste Nicco’s standard intro here, but I’m hopeing that by shaking things up a bit the Mets can rally in the 9th inning. – little brother

If you are like me, somewhere in the 7th inning you thought about not going to work tomorrow. You said to yourself, I just don’t see how I can get thru the day. There is no point in moving these weary bones if the Mets, our METS, loose game 5 to the Cards you said to yourself. But then you realize, that that hurt will still be there after a day wasted. That hurt will only grow if you allow yourself to nurture it.

This is where your BELIEVE comes into play. Yes, it is awful to see Los Mets flounder. It’s awful to see Tommy Glavine not look like the man of steel he was in previous games. But that’s how it’s gonna be sometimes. The Mets will loose games. The Mets will loose games they shouldn’t. But you can’t despair, you can’t call for Duncan to be tested for illegal substances, you can’t curse that ever mobile strike zone. Yes, it is Fan nature to do these things, but despairing and looking for scapegoats and loopholes, isn’t worth it.

If the Mets cruised over the Cards, I daresay we would all take one step closer to that dreaded wasteland of Yankee Fandom. We would feel like our team was entitled to the succor that we didn’t earn. We have to endure the hardships and losses because without them, we aren’t fans. I look at my daughter almost every day and just know she is gonna really get my goat when she’s older. I’m sure we’re gonna have a hell of a time when she’s older, arguing about this and that. But it makes her adorable moments now (and the ones to come) just that much sweeter, because I know I can love her thru the harder times.

So come on Mets fans! Shoulder your responsibility and relish your team! Yes, Shawn Green “the power hitter” can’t get a fly ball (I mean hit one or catch one), Yes our team can hit 12 runs in one game and 0 and 2 in the games before and after. That’s part of who we are. So come along and enjoy it! At worst, the Mets don’t make it to the world series, you have missed a few good TV shows and seen some dumb Verizon and Berger King ads too often. At the best, our Mets pull this off in 7, and you can say, I’ve always loved them, and I’ve always believed!

Ps. Is it just me or does being a Mets fan sound a little like being a Puritan…. Yes yes relish the pain now for the rewards will come another time… unless you go to hell. My apologies, I’m reading a book set in early Boston and it’s tainting my life.

this has been comedy with a porpoise.

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