Game SIX!

What did I tell you! It’s sweeter tonight, isn’t it? Lets see hwo sweet it can be tomorrow!

I think it’s the complete and totally lack of good sleep, but I am giddy! I am bouncy as bumblebee. I feel like shouting “We’re Suck! We’re the worst team in baseball, but right now, We’re the best!” My apologies to Trippi if I messed that up but come on! We have lost a few ugly games in this series. Reallyy ugly. And a few we did win have been a little ugly too.

But lets not be negative! It was a glorious game! Maine grew up a lot tonight (never mind that he was dipping…. I can only guess Cherry Skoal). And we had important hits from guys who needed to get them! Green got a solid RBI, Reyes was amazing and LoDuca was a big part of this win. Lets just hope that this one recharged the Mets’ boyish zeal.

Come on my friends! We can do this! Sure our pitching isn’t great (Billy Wagner, you owe me a new pair of shorts), but we can do this! We suck! But right now, and all of next week, We are the best team in baseball! I believe it.

Lets Go METS!

I’m sorry for the inside jokes and brevity of this post, but I’m zonked. You shouldn’t have to get up for work after all these night playoff games. Next year… Yeah NEXT year, when we do this all again, I’m taking October off. Lets Go Mets!

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