heres to next year

it’ll be OK folks. This is how it goes, this glorious game of baseball. Dust off your pants, give your loved ones a hug and start dreaming about next year.

It was a sloppy series on both sides, but it was still fun to watch and the fun part is what you should focus on. Cause there will always be more fun. More fun in November and December, doing normal things. And then a whole bunch of more fun come the spring.

So lets shake this one off, get back to our lives, and watch Detroit stomp all over those bastards. Detroit in 4.

One Response to “heres to next year”

  1. mhmele Says:

    Your mother is rooting for the Cards. Your father made me wade through a whole book about them (3 Nights in August) and it turned me into a Cards fan. Enjoyed your commentary on the series, btw.

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