Only four months to Spring Training

MetsMany thanks to my brother, Pete, for covering the Mets post-season on this blog. His writing is excellent. If you missed his posts, you should catch them in the Mets archive, as they are amazin’. Of course, if you’re not a Mets fan… read them anyway. You should be a Mets fan. Fellow Mets fan Sona and I had conspired to procure Mets World Series tickets. Last night she sent me the photo of the ticket, and said “If we can’t enjoy the game, at least we can hold onto the dream…” There will always be next year.

p.s. I’ve added the author to the post template, so now you know who wrote what!

One Response to “Only four months to Spring Training”

  1. inomarwetrust Says:

    Comment re: World Series tickets hit home. I took my tickets, wrote 2007 over the 2006, and gave them out to the people who were coming to the game. I think I’m gonnna frame mine. Next year it will be real. So, for now, I’m planning a spring training trip. That oughta kill some time.

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