I’m headed out to Seattle for a few days, but somehow seem to be running ahead of schedule. I’ve got a long list of blog posts I’m always intending to write but never seem to get to, so having a few extra minutes to write is exciting. One of my new year’s resolutions was about writing on my blog more often…

I’m asked every day to participate in campaigns and activities for non-profits and political causes. I’m certainly not your average person on this front, but when something comes along and totally captures my imagination, I pay attention. Kiva is an example of this. I first heard about it a year ago, and it has kept me engaged for an entire year. Every month I end up putting more money into it. I was shocked to discover the amount of cash I had feed into Kiva at the end of the year. And at a time when everyone is trying to get me to forward everything to my friends, Kiva is one of the few things I’m really an evangelist about.

Why? It’s intimate, transactional and transformative. It allows me to watch my money directly at work. It connects me to other people who are entrepreneurs, (both lenders and borrowers) like me. It taps into issues I already care about: poverty, development, technology. I’m not telling you too much about the site; if you haven’t used it, you should try it. It’s very, very smart in a lot of ways.

2 Responses to “Kiva”

  1. Joshua Shimkin Says:

    This is a fantastic org. Thanks for the e-vangelism.

  2. Dave P Says:

    Let’s put Kiva in SL, Nicco, as you suggested a while back.

    I got good results from a donation board for the Hospitalito in San Andres Atitlan, just from random visitors to Xibalba. Kiva is the kind of organization that SL NPOs will help promote.

    Then let’s bring in other orgs that you care about.

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