Change of weather

Sitting outside this afternoon, at Mexicali in Clarendon, and watched the day go from heavy heat – summer has definitely arrived – to suddenly, a dark sky and pouring rain. The rain has come in fast and hard, with that sweet smell and touch of cold it brings when the rain tackles the heat. This is a monsoon rain, the sort of rain I grew up with in Indonesia and Malaysia, and I had forgotten it: breaking through a long day’s oppressive heat with an intense burst of cool wet rain. It was the first time in a long time that I was a little homesick for Southeast Asia… I love it. The day goes from bright and hot to cold and wet, and the sound of the rain and the thunder, the dark skies with a bit of lightning, heightens the mood.

2 Responses to “Change of weather”

  1. mhmele Says:

    You brought back memories for me, too. Thank you.

  2. nickmele Says:

    Good memories. While you were sitting and watching a rainstorm, I was sitting and watching the wind at the other end of this continent–yesterday was Ski to Sea.

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