Writing about writing

More than a few people have commented on how sparse my blog posting has been over the last few months. I think about writing a lot, but somehow I don’t manage to do it. This past Friday, I resolved to start writing again every day – and it took me until Sunday to start. Back in something like the eighth grade, inspired by Ray Bradbury, I decided I should be a writer. I promptly bought a book Ray Bradbury wrote about writing – Zen and the Art of Writing: Essays on Creativity – and didn’t manage to write much. I do recall one lesson from the book: you must write every day – writing is a muscle that must be exercised. I haven’t read the book since 8th grade, so forgive me if I screw up the details, but Bradbury talked about how he wrote up a long list of nouns – and then every day wrote a short story based on one of those nouns. “The Boat”, “The Highway”, “The Man”, etc. The notion of writing every day makes sense to me; it’s about sharpening your skills so that when an opportunity presents itself you’re ready.

2 Responses to “Writing about writing”

  1. kelly Says:

    _Writing Down the Bones_ by Natalie Goldberg. The best book on writing I know.

  2. Tailspin Says:

    You always struck me as more interested in free form poetry, but Im glad to see your blogging now.

    So riddle me this , if a Nicco falls in the forest, and Im there to help carry him home, how do I get in touch with him ?

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