A new member of the family

Happy RascalKathy Lash (founder of Kasey’s Cure – check it out & send them a tax-deductible gift!!!) has known for some time that I’ve been desperate for my own Westie. And when Laura Pietzsch emailed her about a rescued Westie puppy, Kathy sent it our way:

He was found at a carwash…covered in fleas and ticks…with no collar or microchip. She guessed he had probably been on his own for a while. Medical exam was very good…weighing in at 11.8 pounds. They estimate he is 4 months old. He was given all of his vaccinations and dipped. He has been bathed but is still dirty. Today, he got to play in the dog park so he was muddy. Kecia said that he was having so much fun playing she didn’t want to bathe him again just yet. His temperament is all puppy. Inquisitive and alert.

After some discovery and discussion (including a lengthly consultation with our cats, the Russian Blues Lil’ Bit & Mr. T), my wife and I decided to adopt this little puppy, whom the kind folks at ELPO (where he is being cared for) call “Happy”. After seeing his photo I was inclined to call him “Rascal”, and after some discussion we seem to have settled for “Happy Rascal”. We’re waiting to move into our new house in Boston before we pick him up from ELPO. Jordan Pietzsch was kind enough to take this video of Happy Rascal the puppy and send me some photos of Happy Rascal the puppy; surely there are more updates to follow, so stay tuned!

3 Responses to “A new member of the family”

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  2. mhmele Says:

    Congratulations! I’m so glad for the two of you. I think.

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