Puppy e-mail

Tonight, a surprise in my inbox: an email from our newly adopted puppy Rascal, who is patiently waiting for us to move into our new house so we can bring him home:

I am so dirty.

I played really hard today with Olivia, Wendy, Jeremiah, and a very big beagle who lives with one of the doctors at East Lake. We climbed to the top of a thatched roof in the doggie day care play yard. Olivia wouldn’t go. So she barked at me to come down. I jumped off the roof…!…and chased her again. I heard some of the grownups call me “Fearless”.

Everyone tells me I am really “cute”. But I really am just happy. I am really happy to come live with you and Tony and Lil’Bit.

I promise to have a bath before I meet you.

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