Sundays with Jonas: Show #1 (July 15, 2007)

For those of you who listened to the podcast earlier this week, this is the same podcast, just edited and cleaned up a little, as well as stitching the two versions together… it’s for EchoRadio, but we’ve been having some difficulties so I posted it here…

I’ve started a new podcast series, a Sunday morning conversation with my father-in-law Jonas Aarons. He is a rather amazing polymath and an impressive conversationalist. What is our show about? Well, everything. A Ben Jonson quote comes to mind:

“Here are the raw material of facts and thoughts, wood, as it were, so called from the multiplicity and variety of the matter contained therein. For just as we are commonly wont to call a vast number of trees growing indiscriminately “a wood”, so also did the ancients call those of their books, in which were collected at random articles upon various and diverse topics, a wood, or timber trees.”

This week our discussion included an examination of the changing nature of correspondence, Marshall McLuhan, bagels, Neil Postman, and how to appreciate art. You can download the MP3 here – Sundays with Jonas: Show #1 (July 15, 2007).

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