Warm homes needed!

About three weeks ago we brought home Rascal, a four month old Westie puppy we adopted from the East Lake Pet Orphanage (you can read about adopting Rascal in my earlier post). He is, seriously, the world’s greatest dog. Absolutely the best. Which is why I urge all of you to jump in and adopt your own Westie puppy – because there are 12 of them that need homes. Kathy Lash just sent me this:

There has been a mill bust ( due to owners abandoning premises ) in Arkansas that has been turned over to the court system. A kennel of more than 114 dogs has been discovered and these animals have not had food or water since August 7th. There have been reports that nursing bitches have eaten their young in order to stay alive. As many as 41 of the breeder dogs will be euthanized due to their physical condition. So far, there are 12 Westies that have been rescued. Additionally, thirty plus dogs were taken into custody today and we have yet to find out if any of them are Westies. Status not known at this time. Judge has ordered that all dogs with severe heath issues as well as those with heartworms to be euthanized. WRM has very few rescuers in Arkansas and we need all of the support that we can get. My sister and I are on it and will do whatever we can this weekend to save these little darlings. But two is not enough. There are perhaps four of us at the most and 2 already have 5 or more dogs so space is extremely limited. We cannot take in more than one apiece. Please click onto the link below and read the article – the judge has stated that all remaining animals after ten days of his ruling be euthanized. We have very little time and almost no resources. The contact number for the shelter is Fort Smith Humane Society – 1-479-783-4395. Please help us help these darling LWDs that deserve more than to live in the bowels of this fallen world. Read the article here.

For your encouagement, I just put up a new photo album of Rascal settling into his new home. Just think: you, too, can have a cutie like this!

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