The Medford Life

We used to live in the city – in a condo in the heart of Dupont Circle (in Washington, DC), with all the joys and ills of city living. Now we live in Medford, a suburb of Boston. Although on the scale of urban to suburban, our part of Medford is closer to the urban. Regardless, it’s the suburbs. When I was younger I could never imagine living in the suburbs. It just seemed so… boring. Then I got older, grew tired of city living, and found suburban life to be much more than imagined. It’s actually kind of great.

I especially love our street in Medford – Douglas Road. We’ve got a great street, great neighbors. Rascal loves it. The Medford Transcript just launched a new blog about Medford, and is a great example of how the internet encourages local civic action.

But I’ve got a complaint: how come the traffic light at the intersection of Main St and South St isn’t live? It’s a terrible intersection, accidents waiting to happen, and they’ve even got a traffic light sitting there – but it’s not in use! Come on, folks – turn the thing on! It’s been a blinking light rather than active traffic light since we moved here in early August – and every day the likelihood of a serious traffic accident at that intersection grows.

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