Special Needs Westie needs a home

Kathy Lash just sent me this – and given that my own Westie is a rescue – please help Scout find a new home – photos here:

Meet Scout, a beautiful, sweet, 5 year-old female Westie! Her devoted family has unfortunately found themselves in the situation that they must put her up for adoption. This is an extremely hard decision on their part, as they have loved and cared for Scout since she came from the breeder as a baby. Scout now has 3 year-old twins with whom she shares a home. Her parents have recently come to a point where they cannot appropriately care for the twins and Scout. You see, Scout has an injury and requires special care. Last year, Scout’s tail was accidentally run over by a car. The nerve damage injury was so severe that she ended up losing her tail, has had to learn to walk again and is now incontinent. Scout can walk; she actually can run. She uses both of her back legs as one leg when she runs. She loves to play fetch and go for short walks. She is a very healthy, well-cared for Westie who is spunky and full of life. She is completely up-to-date on her vaccinations and has been spayed. A small cuddle-bug Westie, Scout weighs 13 lbs. As with a typical Westie, she loves anyone and everyone. She simply needs someone willing and able to take care of her incontinent issues, which could probably be controlled by doggie diapers or a female dog panty with pads. Specialists have been consulted, and the nerve damage is permanent. Even so, Scout stands to live a healthy, long life in the right situation. Might you be that special person who would care for and love her? If so, please contact Carol Gore with Westie Rescue of Tennessee at 615.838.4221 or cgore13 [at] yahoo.com, and we will be happy to forward an adoption application to you and/or answer any questions you might have.

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