I despise AT&T Wireless

This morning I discovered an email in my spam filter inviting me to participate in a research panel as an AT&T Wireless customer. I rubbed my hands together in glee. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity. At the end of the survey (which appeared to be primarily about overage charges), they asked if I had “any other comments”. Why yes, yes I do have some other comments! So here is what I wrote:

Network coverage is a serious issue. I live in a major metropolitan area – Boston – and every day I have dropped calls, even if I’m just sitting at my desk at my home office without moving. Frequently the connection is so bad – with noise and static – that I have to call several times to get a clear connection. And in major areas of the city and the region there appears to be no service coverage whatsoever. It is a constant and daily problem and leads me to despise AT&T. If it wasn’t for the iPhone, I would never come near your products and service. I believe it is borderline criminal to charge the same rates as your competitors whose network is an order of magnitude better. My dissatisfaction with your coverage knows no bounds and the second the iPhone is carried by a superior network, I will leave AT&T behind in the dust.

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