Wedding Photos

Although we eloped on Oct. 30, 2006, we had a big wedding on May 12, 2007. And what a fine wedding it was. Although there was much deliberation and gnashing of teeth over every decision and its moral ramifications, in the end it was a fine wedding and we loved every minute of it. I remember friends who for months after their weddings would recount it again and again in copious detail, dwelling over the photos in the most pathetic way possible. I found it absolutely tiresome. Well, I have now become that person. I love looking at my wedding photos. It’s guaranteed to take me out of a bad mood. For that reason alone, I recommend marriage.

We had many friends take great photos of our wedding, but we hired an exceptional wedding photographer, the esteemed Megan Greenlee. She took in the neighborhood 3,000 photos, an overwhelming feat in and of itself. After eight months of sorting through photos, we’ve tried to upload the best photos of the wedding to the internet. Enjoy: Morra & Nicco’s Wedding.

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